Software Development Services

Software Development Services

Take a look at some of my software development services:

I provide one-time assessment to go through your project quickly and produce a report with recommendations. I can commit part-time or full-time to be activately involved on a daily basis. I provide ongoing advice service for meetings and providing code reviews on a regular basis.

I help companies with strategic consulting, setting up development workflow, full-stack development, setting up project’s infrastructure, architecting and implementing third-party integrations, providing code reviews, and more. I have partnered with companies and start-ups worldwide in array of industries. I have delivered solutions to solo founders, startups, digital agencies and tech companies such as Apple or Binance. Take a look at some of my previous projects.

I have experience with architecting and building community platforms, website builders, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, computational tools, data platforms, marketing websites with custom headless CMS, podcast platforms, DeFi, event managements platforms, e-commerce solutions, data visualizations and more.

My full stack development roots are in React.js, Node.js, Next.js, and others. I know how to choose the right set of tooling and programming libraries for a specific type of project. I have experience with setting up infrastructure, CI/CD pipeline, and implementing integration with third-party services and API. I have experience with relational databases PostgreSQL, MySQL as well as document-oriented databases such as MongoDB. I have experience with building data visualizations in D3.js and mapping functionality in Leaflet.js. I have experience with different approaches in managing global state in React projects such as Redux, MobX, Context API. I have a lot of experience in front-end development and various approaches for styiling front-end projects such as CSS-in-JS, Atomic CSS (Tailwind), CSS Modules and Sass.

I offer my software development services for businesses of all sizes. Feel free to get in touch. I’m available during the week to discuss and advise on your project or development needs.