Hi, my name is Andrej Gajdos

I’m a front-end consultant for hire

front-end consultant for hire | Andrej Gajdos
front-end consultant for hire | Andrej Gajdos
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I have an existing project.
  • Does it take a long time to implement new features?
  • Do front-end developers produce a lot of bugs?
  • Are user interactions too slow and not user friendly?
  • The user interface doesn’t match designs and design system?
  • Don’t know how to evaluate front-end developers skills?
I am going to build new project.
  • Don’t know what libraries and tooling fit your project?
  • How to deal with dependencies across multiple front-end projects?
  • Don’t want to waste time with reinventing the wheel and leverage existing libraries to speed up the development process?
  • Want to be sure that the code base is well structured from the beginning?
  • Want to be sure that the user interface is seamless without bugs?
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As a front-end consultant, I have experience in mentoring and leading teams. I help senior front-end developers with best practices, design patterns and tooling to scale applications in terms of maintainability and performance. I have partnered with companies and start-ups worldwide in different industries to architect and build complex user interfaces. I have delivered front-end projects to solo founders, startups, digital agencies and tech companies such as Apple or Binance.

I have been building user interfaces since 2012. I have a lot of experience in HTML, CSS and Javascript. I have been using React.js for building complex user interfaces since shortly after its release. I have over ten years of experience in architecting and building enterprise projects, marketing websites, data visualisations, design systems, and front-end tools.

I offer my services as a front-end consultant for hire to work with businesses of all sizes. Feel free to get in touch. I’m available during the week to discuss and advise on your project or development needs.

[email protected]


Ongoing advice

Regular meetings and code reviews to ensure that your front-end project is on a good track and the code base is well structured. Code quality is underestimated fundamental aspect of a successful product. It can be evaluated only by front-end experts. Many CTOs who are not front-end experts are not able to recognize if the code structure is broken. When they figure it out, they are looking for front-end experts. It might be late if the technical debt is too big. Avoid this mistake by hiring a front-end consultant from the beginning. Minimum price is $4,800/month.

Part-time development

If you feel like you need my help every day around 20-25 hours/week. This is a good option that works well for many companies and start-ups. I am in touch with the team frequently and it helps to identify and solve issues very early.

Full-time development

I can commit full-time 40 hours/week. I like architecting and implementing complex user interfaces and design systems.

One-time assessment

Do you need a one time code review or anything else? I can go through your project quickly and produce a report with recommendations. Price for a one-time quick code assessment is $1,500. If you are not satisfied, I will refund your money.


React Project | Developer Portfolio Item
Apple ***

Web portal in React.js, which allows Apple ***

  • React
  • Framer Motion
Website builder platform in React | Portfolio Item

Stackbit is a website builder that helps developers of any level to build their own Jamstack sites based on Next.js and Tailwind, fast. I helped Stackbit’s team to set up the tooling and design the architecture for design system of the main platform. I helped and mentored senior React developers best practices and what patterns to use to solve complex flows in React projects. I was working on fixing various issues and bugs in the platform. I was working on additional feature sets for enterprise clients. I worked as a full-stack developer in React.js, Node.js and MongoDB with focus on front-end development.

  • React
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Typescript
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NFT project | Portfolio Item

Archipelago is a “next-generation” NFT marketplace that offers curated generative art NFTs. As a front-end consultant I helped the team to review the existing code base and refactor problematic flows, fix various bugs and issues.

  • Next.js
  • Ethers.js
  • Typescript
  • Tailwind
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React CMS Project | Developer Portfolio Item

Ctrl is a customer data platform for customer success professionals. Ctrl empowers post-sales people to bring data together from different apps to create their own workspaces. I worked as a front-end developer to develop new features, fix existing code base. I also helped and mentored senior React developers best practices.

  • React
  • Storybook
  • Typescript
  • MobX
Computational Tool | Developer Portfolio Item
System Master PLanner

A computational tool for master planners, energy/resource managers, and policy makers. It allows users to evaluate sustainability and resiliency scenarios for large portfolios of buildings and other assets.

  • React
  • Leaflet


Andrej worked with our team to develop a rather complex web application using React. He joined us at a critical stage in the development process and was instrumental in guiding our team to adopt best practices for React and helping us implement more modular code.

We found Andrej to be very professional, a skilled and efficient programmer, and enjoyable to work with. He easily integrated with the rest of our team and was productive from day one. We would happily hire Andrej to work with us again.

Peter Ellis, President at Big Ladder Software

Andrej worked with Adapt Worldwide in 2019, developing multiple React widgets for a major marketing campaign. Andrej exceeded our expectations beyond measure through his skill and dedication.

Communication with Andrej was fluid and uncomplicated, and he always went above and beyond to not only ensure the project was promptly delivered, but that it was done so to an immaculate standard. His insight and experience was hugely valuable to the project; Andrej truly helped us shape our vision and reach our goals with strong execution.

I would highly recommend Andrej as an exceptional React developer who is completely dedicated to producing quality, functional, engaging content. It would be an absolute pleasure to work with Andrej again in the future.

Michael de Alwis, Creative Content Executive at Adapt Worldwide

Andrej was a key contributor to a complex, critical React web application. His work is timely and thoughtful, and he’s a great communicator and team player. We hope to work with him again soon.

Jacob Budin, Development Manager at Kettle

After working with over a dozen developers from several different countries, it was absolutely refreshing to have had the pleasure to work with Andrej in building a full stack, dynamic web app.

Andrej has all of the required technical expertise that one could hope for when it comes to building a highly scalable and dynamic website. For me, this meant taking designs from an early stage and building the entire front and back end of the project, release ready.

He also exhibits a particular pride in his attention to detail (a trait which had been hard to find previously). This meant that after giving Andrej direction, you can always be confident that the code will be delivered exactly as required. Equally in my experiences, If Andrej see’s a better method, he will always suggest it, helping us end up with the best product possible.

All in all, Andrej was indispensable to our team and certainly one of the best developers that I have had the pleasure to work with.

Marcus Scott, Founder and Director of SayCaster (rebranded to Bitcast)

I had the pleasure of managing Andrej for about 1 year at Zeroturnaround. His natural ability to recognize deficiencies and address them made him an immediate asset to the team and the company.

Andrej would regularly think of different ways to provide our clients with the best grasp of the benefits that our tools offered. This allowed him to grow in respect from our clients and his co-workers. Andrej was a pleasure to work with and is always looking for ways to provide himself with personal growth.

Andrej also is an excellent orator. His clear and concise voice allowed customers to feel comfortable working with him and collaborating with him. This lead to his sales team being able to close many deals that they were previously unable to close.

I would love to be able to work with Andrej again someday and comes with my highest of recommendations.

Curtis Johnson, Sales Engineering Manager at ZeroTurnaround (acquired by Rogue Wave Software)

Andrej was a great help in creating a vision and front-end prototype for our startup. I have very little technical knowledge, and he was so knowledgeable in finding us technologies that would work for our needs. He is very professional, friendly, honest, and his communication is excellent. I highly recommend Andrej!

Carlene Takaki, Professional Swim Coach at Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics


How to keep front-end project and design system in sync [Case Study on Why Software Projects Fail]

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In this post I’m going to break down EVERYTHING about single-page application vs multiple-page application. So if you are looking for a DEEP comparison of these two types of web applications or websites, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you will learn which projects are better to develop as a single-page application (SPA) or multiple-page application (MPA). You will see what single-page applications have in common as well as multiple-page applications and how to improve them.

Freelance React Developer’s Checklist

Whether you are a freelance React developer or you do another kind of freelance work on short term projects, you can recognize similar patterns in your workflow. I found similar patterns in process of building React.js projects. In almost every project, I need to ask for clarification or similar questions in regards to graphic design. This checklist is not only for freelance React developers, but it can be helpful for others who work closely with developers, such as project managers or graphic designers. I use this checklist before starting building the project and after agreement with client.

How to Hire a Freelance Front End Developer

A freelance front end developer needs to have a wide array of skills and experience to deliver the desired outcome. As a freelancer, I have been developing front-ends for clients all around the world in many different industries. A lot of people asked me: “How can I find and hire a freelance front end developer”? Myself as a developer, I can easily verify someone’s software development skills. However, how can you do that if you don’t know anything about front end development? In this blog post, I will share a step-by-step guide to find and hire a freelance front end developer for your project, if you don’t have any technical knowledge or skills.


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