What am I using?

What am I using?

This page contains information about all the things I use in full-stack development including configs, extensions, editors, shells, etc.


  • Visual Studio Code – primary code editor
    • VS Code Extensions
    • Prettier, Active File In StatusBar, Auto Rename Tag, Bundle Size, Code Spell Checker, Color Highlight, Copy filename, DotENV, EditorConfig, ESLint, Format Code Action, Github Plus Theme, gitignore, GitLens, GrahpQL, npm intellisense, Path intellisense, SVG, Template String Converter, Version Lens, vscode-icons.
  • CodeKit – dev server for static websites
  • Postman – tool for using REST APIs
  • TunnelBear – free VPN
  • KDiff – diff tool


I’m using Google Chrome as my default browser with several extensions, such as React DevTools, LocatorJS, Redux DevTools, Apollo Client Devtools, GraphQL Network Inspector.


I’m using OSX default Terminal.


Currently, I am using Macbook Pro M1.