Hello world!

Hi folks, and welcome to my blog! As this is my first blog post ever and one of my first programs when learning to program was probably a “Hello, World!”, I decided to use the same title.

I wanted to start blogging two years ago, but haven’t had time because of work, projects, school, etc. The reason why I start blogging is that I think it is a great way how to improve my writing skills. I don’t write any texts instead of comments in source code and messages to my friends and consider putting thoughts into meaningful words as an important skill.

I don’t want to stick to any specific topic and would like to share my perceptions, experiences, tips, interests and reach a wider audience which could be more fun. I am currently working as a software engineer and like playing with new technologies, but I hope my blog posts will not be only about software engineering. Perhaps this is all I want to express in my first blog post. Have a blast!