my name is Andrej
a software engineer and consultant

I work with various industries to build amazing things for amazing people. I create fast, clean, and maintainable web applications, ready to scale from few users to thousands. Whether your project is a new idea, or has been around for years, I can help you deliver a seamless and engaging experience to your users.
Feel free to get in touch, I’m available during the week to discuss and advise on your project or development needs.
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I work with an array of different technologies and believe in using the best tool for the job.
Currently, I specialize in full-stack web development. I am the most confident with JavaScript, but I’d be happy to step out of my comfort zone. I can also design and build APIs.

Full-stack Development

Web Development


  • Andrej was a great help in creating a vision and front-end prototype for our startup. I have very little technical knowledge, and he was so knowledgeable in finding us technologies that would work for our needs. He is very professional, friendly, honest, and his communication is excellent. I highly recommend Andrej!

    Carlene Takaki, Professional Swim Coach at Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics
  • After working with over a dozen developers from several different countries, it was absolutely refreshing to have had the pleasure to work with Andrej in building a full stack, dynamic web app.

    Andrej has all of the required technical expertise that one could hope for when it comes to building a highly scalable and dynamic website. For me, this meant taking designs from an early stage and building the entire front and back end of the project, release ready.

    He also exhibits a particular pride in his attention to detail (a trait which had been hard to find previously). This meant that after giving Andrej direction, you can always be confident that the code will be delivered exactly as required. Equally in my experiences, If Andrej see’s a better method, he will always suggest it, helping us end up with the best product possible.

    All in all, Andrej was indispensable to our team and certainly one of the best developers that I have had the pleasure to work with.

    Marcus Scott, Founder and Director of SayCaster
  • I had the pleasure of managing Andrej for about 1 year at Zeroturnaround. His natural ability to recognize deficiencies and address them made him an immediate asset to the team and the company.

    Andrej would regularly think of different ways to provide our clients with the best grasp of the benefits that our tools offered. This allowed him to grow in respect from our clients and his co-workers. Andrej was a pleasure to work with and is always looking for ways to provide himself with personal growth.

    Andrej also is an excellent orator. His clear and concise voice allowed customers to feel comfortable working with him and collaborating with him. This lead to his sales team being able to close many deals that they were previously unable to close.

    I would love to be able to work with Andrej again someday and comes with my highest of recommendations.

    Curtis Johnson, Sales Engineering Manager at ZeroTurnaround (acquired by Rogue Wave Software)